Today, we met with two members of staff and three residents of Elton Hall Care Home to cycle around Ropner Park.

We met everyone at the gate, where we picked up our first passenger, who was so happy that he did not have to walk all the way to the cafe! Robert took him on a slow ride around the edge of the park and down by the duck pond, where people spoke and waved as we went by. On our way back up to the cafe it started to rain but it didn’t dampen the enjoyment or spirits of the ride or that of the other passengers. Once back at the cafe, we waited for the rain to stop with some hot drinks before carrying on with the rides, this time with the hood up to keep off any rain!

After our waiting passengers had finished their hot drinks, we doubled up on the next ride as the weather didn’t look the best. We set off this time with the hood up and the blanket across their legs to keep them warm and dry. Again, the poor weather conditions did nothing to dampen the joy of the passengers out on the trishaw. On our return to the cafe, the weather was closing in again so we made our way back to the minibus The passengers all enjoyed their rides around the park and asked when they can do it again.

The residents are all ready asking about other destinations we can go and we are looking forward being out with Elton Hall. We really enjoyed our time with the staff and residents and we look forward to getting to know everyone better over the coming weeks, months and years.

HERES TO WIND IN YOUR HAIR until the next time!

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