Today, we had the absolute pleasure of taking Trixie Trishaw on a visit to Elton Hall Care Home to meet some members of the team and to take a few residents for a short trishaw ride around the local area. The meeting was organised at the request of Elton Hall Activities Coordinator, Lisa Sheehan, who had witnessed the positive work of Cycling Without Age further afield and quickly completed research into offerings in the local area and found us!

Caroline and Trixie Trishaw outside of the grand entrance of Elton Hall Care Home, Elton, with beautiful daffodils in the foreground

Always keen to ensure first hand experience of riding on the trishaw, we took Lisa and a lovely lady resident out for a ride around Elton village using the roads, as there are no parks or cycle paths in the area. This did not take away any of the enjoyment for either of the passengers, with both laughing and having fun feeling the wind in their hair.

On our return to Elton Hall Care Home, we quickly and safely swapped passengers and took another member of the Elton Hall team and delightful gentleman out along the same route around Elton village. His excitement for the ride was just as fulfilling for me as the pilot as it was for him as the passenger. Both passengers are looking forward to their next ride and we are looking forward to supporting them to access the great outdoors and share their excitement and enthusiasm for the experience.

Thank you to Lisa Sheehan, the Activities Coordinator at Elton Hall Care Home for making contact with us via our Facebook page. It was a real pleasure to meet you and some of your residents and we look forward to seeing them, and many more residents, again soon.

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