On Sunday 12th December, Trixie Trishaw and the team team were on hand at Ropner Park’s Christmas Fair to help celebrate the festivities of the season of giving by providing free trishaw rides around Ropner Park for people attending the event. The free trishaw rides were made possible thanks to funding from Greatham’s Hospital of God, who have contributed funds to support the delivery of 100 hours of trishaw rides in and around the local community.

Caroline poses with an armful of books that were gifted to the public

We arrived nice and early to make sure we were there as stall holders were setting up so we could be on hand to help and to socialise with other early birds. We were also giving out free books to people who were passing by as an additional small festive giving activity.

It was so nice to see people of all ages using the park facilities and sharing the joys of the season. We saw many familiar faces in friends, family and those we know through our community events.

We worked hard to get as many people around the park as possible in our time there. We took people of all ages for a quick spin in Trixie, listened to some wonderful stories and settled some sibling rivalries!

We were also very fortunate to play a very important role in the event. It was our job to collect Santa Claus and safely deliver him to his gazebo in the tennis courts, accompanied by his many helper elves, so that he could greet the people of Stockton and wish them a merry Christmas!

We had a fantastic time supporting this community event and are happy to report that Santa Claus confirmed we have made it off his naughty list and on to the nice list – no coal for us this year!

This is our final planned event of the year, so all that is left to say is that we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you in 2022!

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