On Friday 10th December, Alison and Trixie Trishaw attended a community Christmas Carol sing-along at Roseville Care Home in Ingleby Barwick. The event, organised by Ingleby Barwick Communities and Stockton Borough Council and supported by the local Co-op Members Pioneer, saw Mike McGrother entertaining the residents of Roseville Care home with a festive sing-along outside in the car park.

Alison sits in the pilot seat of Trixie Trishaw while two passengers sit snug under the fleece blanket outside of Roseville Care Home

Alison and Trixie were there, not only providing additional seating and heat from hot water bottles but also had the opportunity to take 2 residents from Roseville for a trishaw ride across the Ingleby Barwick library to see the beautifully decorated Christmas trees twinkling in the window before safely delivering the passengers back to the main entrance of Roseville Care Home.

During the ride, jokes were made of the feelings of having escaped and a trip to the local pub for a festive pint. Comments about the sense of adventure of being out in the community after periods of isolation due to COVID-19 were shared as was the feelings of awe at seeing the Christmas trees in the library.

It was such good fun to get to sing along to Christmas carols with a fantastic group of people but also to cycle away with two of them, to “escape” the confines of the care home environment and experience the local community in all of its festive glory, to share short stories, jokes and comments, to seeing smiling faces of people in the library and those who passed by.

Huge thanks to the staff at Roseville Care Home for organising for two residents to enjoy of brief but festive trishaw adventure. We hope to see you and your many residents again very soon!

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