Hand In Hand Activities CIC, through the Cycling Without Age Stockton on Tees Chapter, is proud to be supporting the re-opening of the NCN1 cycle path linking Seaham to Dalton Park following resurfacing works carried out by Sustrans.

The NCN1 cycle route is managed and maintained by Sustrans and their volunteers who work hard to make cycle routes that are safe and accessible for all. The NCN1 cycle path, or to give it its full name the National Cycle Route 1, runs from Dover in the south of England right through to Tain in the Highlands of Scotland. Along the way, this cycle path takes in some spectacular attractions, coastlines and castles, such as the White Cliffs of Dover, the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial ground, Canterbury Cathedral and Lindisfarne Castle.

Danny Morris from Sustrans is sat on the bench seat of Trixie Trishaw covered with the red fleece lined, waterproof blanket in the Dalton Park car park with the minibus nearby and the shopping centre in the background

In November, Alison took Trixie Trishaw up to Dalton Park to meet with Danny Morris from the Newcastle branch of Sustrans to discuss the improvement works on the part of the cycle route linking Seaham to Dalton Park and to take Trixie Trishaw for a test run along the route to check the accessibility of the route using this novel form of three-wheeled, three-seater transport.

Thankfully, the weather was kind and on our side for this trial run along the newly resurfaced path linking a major out-of-town shopping centre with local estates. The run down from Dalton Park into Dawdon was really smooth – all downhill and we met some fantastic people along the way who were very intrigued by the trishaw and we must express our thanks to the car drivers who stopped to let us cross the slip roads on the roundabouts above the A19. There were some tight squeezes where large rocks had been used to act as bollard to restrict vehicular access but no spokes were clipped in the testing of the route!

The return journey was met with one small challenge – it was mostly uphill! Trixie does have an electrical assist but do not take for granted the amount of pedalling that still goes in to advancing up even a small incline! Our biggest hurdle was the need to slow to pass through two stone bollards which had less than an inch gap total when we squeezed the bench seat through! That meant it was time to vacate the pilot seat and push!

Even with the minor uphill struggles, the adventure was enjoyed by pilot and passenger and was certainly something to talk about. We are now delighted to be working with Sustrans and Durham County Council to be part of the celebrations of the completion of the resurfacing works and are looking for passengers to enjoy a free ride from the Dawdon area, near Seaham, up to Dalton Park where they can enjoy a shopping trip before a return journey.

Do you know anyone in the Dawdon area, perhaps someone with a family member in one of the local care homes, who would like to share a novel return trishaw ride to Dalton Park. If you do, please ask them to get in touch as we would love to speak with them and get this celebratory event finalised.

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